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Work waypoint mission with m64 acoustick modem

Hello Bluerobotics community, I found an article where you provide simple script for control ROV via acoustcik channel. FOr now I want to test it with my ROV. But also I want such regime as:

  1. I set mission by waypoints via qgc or pymavlink.
  2. set ROV to sea , without transferring data through cable. I use cable as a chain.
  3. arm the vehicle, and transfer all needed data via m64 for rov, so it could pass the mission.

For now, the main prob;em is, that I don’t know how to transfer this data, I mean what pymavlink messages I have to use to put data into them. What’s the queue of this messages. Please can you provide some reference messages to it?

I found this post:

But still, can you provide to me, what data, and what messages I have to use , for transfering data for autonomous working autonomous mission without eth-cable, but with m64 instead.

There is a big problem for me now.