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Communication between Ardusub/ QGroundControl and underwater GPS System

(Sven) #1


we just installed our underwater GPS System on our BlueROV2 and everything is working (so far, we can tell). But there is a question that came up in our team and we can’t find a suitable answer on the webpage or in the forum. The Underwater GPS System from Waterlinked is only equipped with an A1 locator, without the depth sensor. How is the depth information transferred from the ROV to the Waterlinked system? In the documentation of the UGPS System they say, that the depth information needs to be provided to the system if an A1 locator is used. Did the Ardusub Software on the Pixhawk or the QGroundControl Software take care of this information transfer?

Another thing we noticed while trying out the system is that the displayed position information in QGroundcontrol has a small delay (maybe 1-2 sec) to the actual position in the test tank. In another forum post I read, that this is the effect of a fusion filter. Which sensor information are fused and how do we get the raw position data?

If anyone has information to the above questions or know a webpage where we can find the information, please let us know.

Thanks in advance


(Willian Galvani) #2

The Companion sends this information to the Water Linked system in this script.

The delay is probably caused by the Kalman filter and update rate of Water Linked.


Hi, I am trying to run the script, but get this error:

ErrorDuringImport: problem in underwater-gps - SystemExit: 2

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

I am 100% new at using python, so please be patient…

(Jacob) #4

@Mikxie, can you let us know what your goal is? This script is not designed to be run by a user.


I am trying to get the depth from the ROV forwarded to Waterlinked and position from Waterlinked into QGC.

BTW i use the S1 locator.

Update: For some reason the position is now working in QGC, so now I just need depth to reach Waterlinked…

(Jacob) #6

@Mikxie, If you are using the BlueROV2, you do not have to run any program yourself. Everything is configured automatically to send the depth.


Is it possible to check if it works by opening a udp port?

I just found it: “Stat for nerds” under “Diagnostic” in Waterlinked GUI

(Jacob) #8

If it is not working you will see an error message in the Water Linked GUI (if configured for the A1 or S1).


Thank You. Next question is how to get the ROV position on a UDP port for use in other programs?