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BlueRov2 integration with U1 Locator

Hi all,

we at @vectrino-hr recently bought WaterLinked underwater GPS with U1 Locator. We managed to hook everything up and get it running, and as far as we see it works.

Separately, both BlueRov and underwater GPS work fine, as far as we can tell, but we have problem with implementation of both in QGroundControl.

Connection is made trough internet switch - tether from BlueRov, underwater GPS and topside computer are all connected.

In this configuration:

  • We have access to WaterLinked GPS trough
  • In QGC we have control of ROV, but NO GPS signal/info

Did we hook something up wrong? How do we inplement WaterLinked GPS info in QGC?

Ask for more info if needed,


Try one of the temporary fixes listed here, and make sure all software is updated): Companion Issue #265