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Use underwater GPS G2 with ROV and QGC

Hello BlueRobotics! I bought waterlin GPS G2 module.

Kit content

1 U1 locator
1 x 5m power cable
4 x d1 receivers

I saw documentation with previous generation of underwater gps system. I want to integrate it with rov, also I want to integrate it with qgc. Is here some manual. Maybe I need additional gps?

These are the instructions for what’s required and how to connect the previous version to a BR2. There isn’t an updated guide or integration kit yet for the new version (that you’ve got), but if you need to get it set up quickly then hopefully it will provide the general information of what kind of parts you need, although you likely need to check on the waterlinked website to see if any of the connection/powering details have changed.

There is an upgraded integration kit available as an option when you order the Underwater GPS G2 kit. It is also possible to order the integration kit for Underwater GPS G2 separately.

The manual for showing how to install and use on a BlueROV2 is available in our documentation

Thank you, I already have gps g2 kit ,but is it possible to connect gps g2 to rov without integration kit? Also I have U1 locator, so as I understood there is no need for blackbox locator connection.

If You want the position in QGC you have to put the waterlinked system on same network.
One way to do that is with network cable to a switch connected to computer and ROV.
Either work with open lid, or drill for your own network connector.

Thank you Bo, I understood, so I need to connect it in one network.