GPS Position in QGroundControl

Hi, I’m having the same problem outlined here - Integration of waterlinked GPS with U1 locator

My network bridge is setup properly (IP:, Mask: I’m connecting to the Underwater GPS via wifi with the IP switch set to the static Pinging through returns “PING ( 56(84) bytes of data” with no response or prompt for another input. The waterlinked section of the ArduSub companion lists the status as “scanning for Water Linked underwater GPS”.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

I do not use wifi, but I think Waterlinked has a different IP range for the wireless.
Check that wifi adress in Waterlinked is possible to set to
That means you have to disable the wired network in Waterlinked.
If that is not possible, you have to work with wired network, or at least wired network from Waterlinked to your own wifi router. From that router you might connect Waterlinked from ROV.
Safest is wired connections…

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I brought this up internally and was told