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Locator U1 waterlinked to qgc

I’m using wireless locator U1, waterlinked runs via Ethernet into laptop, how do I get the gps to display on qgc? Only instructions I can see are via the integration kit, which I don’t think I need with locator u1.

Any ideas please?

You just add lat and long in QGC display settings
That is upper right corner wheel

Thanks Bo, I tried that values are 00.0000 and don’t change…

Hi @triton

The ROV still needs to be able to talk to waterlinked to fetch the current GPS position. You can bridge both networks in Windows and set this bridged network to the IP That should allow the ROV to reach the waterlinked gps system via your topside computer.

Many thanks, How do I bridge both networks in windows?

Go to the “Network Adapters” , select both adapters, right click, and click “Bridge networks”.
This will create a new virtual bridged network adapter were you can set the IP address.

You can find some more detailed instructions here.

That’s got it! Thanks.

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