Servo tilt issue

Hi all, am having a problem with servo tilt, when i press and release tilt up button on the game pad the servo motor just keep on going without stoping until i press the tilt button down then it stops… Anyone encountered this problem before please help…

Hi @ChairmanAlex,

Not sure what’s happening here. I’m curious as to

  1. Which versions of QGroundControl and ArduSub are you using?
  2. Are your joystick buttons configured as mount_tilt_up/down, or as something else (e.g. direct servo controls)?
  3. What has been configured on the Camera Mount Setup page?

Am using QGroundControl version 4.2.1 and ArduSub 4.0.3 and the joystick buttons are configured collectly

Our latest recommended version is QGC 4.1.7. Are you able to try that and see if the issue is also there?

It may also be worth trying to reset parameters to see if that helps :slight_smile: