Navigator + camera tilt servo

I’m trying to get my camera tilt servo to work with a new Navigator autopilot board. It’s connected to servo channel 16, but I’m only able to select channels up to 14 in QGC using its camera gimbal settings area. Can I get to that parameter directly and just enter ‘16’?

Hi @rperkins, sorry for the delay on getting to this.

Yes, it should be fine to set the SERVO16_FUNCTION parameter to MountTilt (7). Seems like that got missed when updating QGC to fully support Navigator, so I’ve raised an issue for it to get the dropdown sorted out :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help, Eliot. I put the camera servo on channel 12 and now it’s working fine (after I plugged in the 5v supply for the Navigator’s Aux power section). However I’ve now come across something else-- with my Newton gripper attached, I wanted to get the button assignments set how I used to have them, where the left and right trigger buttons do camera up/down and gripper in/out depending on whether the shift button is depressed, but now the recent version of QGC I’m using is telling me it doesn’t allow shift+button assignments anymore, and it doesn’t recognize the long-travel analog triggers so I can’t use those either. Is the shift button really dead?

Glad to hear it :slight_smile:

That sounds very odd, and isn’t something I’ve run into. Can you confirm you’re using our latest recommended versions of both ArduSub (4.1.0) and QGroundControl (4.2.3)? It doesn’t have any issues with me setting joystick shift functions there, with either Navigator or Pixhawk.

Thanks for getting back to me, Eliot. Of course I open up QGC today and connect the vehicle and can set all the shift+button values I want and don’t see that message about not allowing shift assignments anymore… who knows? I was using QGC 4.2.3 and updated ArduSub to 4.1.0 and saw the same behavior before and after. Bizarre!

…but I do have one more oddity, my camera tilt control is now all-or-nothing-- I can do all the way down, all the way up, or centered, but nothing in between. I tried messing with the mount speed control, no change. Any ideas?

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Odd indeed, especially since that’s not the case for me. How have you set it up? :slight_smile:

I just went to QGC’s Camera page, selected the channel I wanted for the camera tilt servo (or set SERVOn_FUNCTION=MountTilt for the relevant parameter, as discussed above), then set the mount_tilt_up and mount_tilt_down functions to relevant buttons on the Joystick page, made sure I had some AUX power plugged in, and the mount works as expected (rotates while I hold a button, stops once I release it or if it gets to the edge of the specified range, etc).

Maybe try going to the Parameters page, then using “Tools/reset all to firmware’s defaults” and try to set up agian?