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Serial - UDP Endpoints


We are setting up a RS485 bus using the Bluerobotics USB to Serial Converter and Endpoints in the ArduSub Companion. It works except for the fact that it requires data to be transmitted on the bus (RX) before it will allow data to be forwarded through the PI and out the RS485 Converter.

I am curious as to where this blockage is happening. Does the software in the PI wait for a byte of incoming data before allowing transmission? Using 485 we are trying to not transmit onto the bus without a request being sent first. Is this something we are able to change otherwise we ill have run a separate port forwarder.

Any help in this regard would be much appreciated.

The bus arbitration needs to be handled by the programs communicating over RS485 (your program).

Thanks Jacob,

Is this to say that we require additional software running on the PI for this to work?


From what I understand is this not related to the behavior described here?
Specifically the udpin segment:

In that case would you not be able to send an empty packet or a command that is effectively a NOOP to ensure the UDP interfaces are active both topside and companion side.

Thanks for the link James.

It is unclear to me what type of connection the companion software is setting up. Presumably it is a udpin connection as it only responds to data once it has sent it. This seems the opposite to what is being described but is probably my lack of understanding of this setup.

Thanks for your help.

is there any example?
thank you

We are working on an example here (work in progress): https://github.com/bluerobotics/ardusub-gitbook/pull/72