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Imagenex 852 with BlueROV2

Hi everyone,
We want to get the data of 852 from Ardusub installed Raspberry Pi. In Ardusub’s System section, I see the Sealink USB to ISOLATED 422/485 Converter. How can we send the data to the topside computer from our ROV? I saw a few posts on forum such as these 1 2 3. I’ve tested creating serial and UDP endpoint way but I could not create the virtual serial port on the topside computer. May you help with this situation?

Hi @abtektas,

I haven’t worked with our routing program before so am not very familiar with it. I’ve asked our software team to take a look to see if they’ve got any suggestions :slight_smile:

This will create a virtual com port on the topside.

Following up on this, our Routing functionality that’s available in companion only creates serial and/or UDP endpoints on companion. Connecting to that from the topside requires making a UDP endpoint on companion, connected to the serial endpoint you want to connect to, and running a program on the topside that can communicate to that UDP endpoint.

Our docs provide examples for how to connect to the UDP endpoint options (client/server) using a python script, but we don’t have support/examples for making a connection present itself as a virtual serial point. To do that you would need routing functionality in a program on the topside computer, which you could perhaps achieve with a program like this :slight_smile:

It’s worth noting that the companion Routing functionality

Given your use-case of an imaging sonar, it’s quite likely you’ll want a higher than that 115200 baud rate, so the built in companion Routing functionality may not be your best option.

If you’d prefer not to use the linux tools mentioned in our docs, it may be possible to use