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Companion Software on Alternate Companion Computer?


Recently, my team built an underwater vehicle for a competition using the BlueROV2 electronics. Before we finished the sub, we were running everything on the BlueROV2, but now, we are making the transition to our custom sub. We chose to use an Nvidia Jetson Nano instead of a Raspberry Pi as our companion computer, for the purpose of image processing.

Unfortunately, I cannot establish a connection through the companion computer from QGroundControl to the Pixhawk. I noticed that the only image with the ArduSub companion software fully configured is for a Raspberry Pi.

I cloned the companion software repository onto the Jetson and ran MAVProxy using the corresponding script, but QGroundControl will not establish a connection with the flight controller.

Has anyone successfully been able to run the ArduSub companion software on any other platforms besides a Raspberry Pi?


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The companion is not supported on other boards yet. That said, take a loot at the setup script. It will help you get most of the dependencies required.
The services are launched by the .companion.rc file, but you may need to change some of the code to deal with hardware differences.

Hey ,
I almost have the same issue , were you able to establish a connection

Hi Ashvath,

It turns out that our issue had to do with the fact that both Ethernet and our router were using 192.168.2.X IP addresses. Once we disabled one of the network interfaces and started MAVProxy with the appropriate arguments, we were able to connect through QGroundControl.

I’m not sure how much this will help though. Could you elaborate on your specific issue a little more?


Thanks for the response
Iam trying to run mavros on the nano , but I wasn’t sure as the nano wasn’t on the supported device list of companion computer’s