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Companion Computer

(Brent) #1

Trying to use ArduSub to control a student built ROV. We’re very new at this and are having some difficulty making things work. I know this question may seem silly, but is a companion computer (raspberry pi) required? We’re using the Fathom S tether boards with the topside board connected to the laptop via USB.


(Jacob) #2

Hi Brent, in this case, you do not need a companion computer!

The role of the companion computer, or Fathom S is to

  1. transmit video from a camera to the surface
  2. transmit information between the pilot and the rov control system

The Fathom S accomplishes both of these, but in a different way than the companion computer:

Video camera support autopilot / control system link Topside outputs
Fathom S SD, analog serial TTL UART 1 SD analog video out + 1 serial (TTL OR USB)
Companion Computer HD, digital serial TTL UART 1 ethernet network

(Brent) #3

Excellent. That was my thought. Guess we’ll have to do a little more trouble shooting in that case.


(Jacob) #4

What is the trouble?