Who can help my raspberry

I have been watching here ArduSub入门教程-下载 - 创客智造 for a long time, but I really don’t understand the use of raspberry,Maybe it’s a language relationship. I’m not in the English department. So I hope to have a step-by-step help like a movie or a picture.For example it wants me to enter"gunzip --stdout ardusub-raspbian.img.gz | sudo dd bs=1m of=/dev/rdiskX"But I don’t know where to enter,Hope to be saved


www.ardusub.com has the necessary information to understand, install and configure the entire system. The documentation is in english but we have pictures and a clear step-by-step guide :slight_smile:

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Just contacted the new thing again. Then found the companion-master.zip and downloaded it, but please teach me how to use it. Thank you very much.

You do not need to have companion-master.zip. You can follow the installation instructions here.

我到了這裡有兩個疑點與"伴侶計算機的以太網連接如果使用以太網連接,則必須使用配套計算機來中繼Pixhawk自動駕駛儀和地面計算機之間的通信。Pixhawk 通過USB 連接到配套電腦"第一點在這前面提到pixhawk可以用串行端口連接GQC然後是可以先從串行端口連接GQC後安裝ARDUSUB然後在用連樹莓連上.去設定嗎?第二點就是只有短短幾個字說把樹梅經乙太連上地面計算機,但是要怎麼連,用什麼程式連,步驟有哪些我還是不知道這部分可以講得更詳細嗎,最好能一個動作一個動作的講謝謝

@sengo I am sorry. The language is making it difficult to help you. We can keep trying, but right now I do not understand your question.

SORRY I forget.I come again.I arrived here"Ethernet connection with companion computer
If you use an Ethernet connection, you must use a companion computer to relay the communication between the Pixhawk autopilot and the ground computer. Pixhawk connects to the supporting computerUSB…"
I still don’t understand. I’m not familiar with raspberry. So I don’t know what program to use at this time. How to use it to connect

Sorry for the other problem. I have to use the ccd lens of general specification. How do I set it up for connection with the Raspberry Pi? Thank you.

Hi sengo,

The companion board (raspberry) is a “man-in-the-middle” that sends compressed video and telemetry via ethernet using the tether. To burn the SD card image you should follow the steps in ardusub.com.

What kind of lens/camera do you want to use ?

Check ardusub.com GETTING STARTEDInstallationRaspberry PiNetwork Setup

Yes, I have followed the steps of ardusub to connect to sd using Ethernet.Just next how to operate connection Thank you

About the lens like this http://goods.ruten.com.tw/item/show?21647511765375

You can use an analog camera like that with the fathom s board. There is not documentation for this hardware on ardusub.com. The recommendation is to use a digital camera like the raspberry pi camera, and the instructions on ardusub.com are for a digital camera.

First of all thank you for your reply to my question again. I have difficulty with the camera. So I have to use analogy. I found a little raspberry related information. Can you help me to see it? GPIO5.GPIO21 The yellow part of CAM is the meaning of the lens? Thank you

Hi sengo,

If you want to send the camera analog output to the surface, you should check the fathom s documentation as Jacob said.
Now, if you need to receive the camera analog output in the raspberry, you can use something like easycap, but will be necessary to configure a gstreamer pipeline for that.

(5) Command line settings

First, run raspi-config to expand the file system and enable the camera.

Run sudo raspi-config on the command line.
Select “Expand file system” and select “OK”
Select Enable Camera, then select Yes and select OK (if it is not available in the main menu, you can find the Enable Camera option under Interface Options).
Choose “Finish” and “Yes” to restart.
Next, update the current software and install prerequisite partner libraries needed to run the blue robot installation script.

First download the script on Raspberry Pi:


When I went here, I could not download the script on Raspberry Pi:,Where can I find this file? How do I install it? Thank you

Where are you seeing these instructions? You should follow the instructions at ardusub.com.

I attached screenshots hope to be clearer , I followed ardusub.com and arrived.Go to [picture 1]

.No Telemetry (No Pixhawk Connection)I did a test and the raspberry was connected [picture 2] But pixhawk didn’t respond. I could use the USB connection PIXHAWK and the host computer QGC would work, but replacing the link with the Ethernet QGC did not telemeter.So I found it ( ArduSub入门教程-树莓派设置 - 创客智造 ) This is translated into Chinese,If you want to see need to turn into EnglishIts source is also English, I can’t find it now.Because I did not telemetry, so I went to troubleshooting, I checked according to the troubleshooting Step to [picture3]
My MAVP is not,This is the current problem THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

I’m fine. I can use raspberry to pixhawk. Some control can be done. Thank you. If I have any questions, I still have to ask you.:yum:

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How to modify the joystick position.My YAW is on the left.My joystick is model 2

You can choose the ‘mode’ in the joystick configuration page of QGC, top right-hand corner.