Step to run scripts file , for manual install Companion Computer

Hi , This is my first time about ArduSub , and first time to setup file from GitHub.
[ My plan is : Pixhawk connect to RaspberryPi , Camera connect to RaspberryPi and RaspberryPi direct connect to Surface computer(QGC). It similar to diagram from but don’t have Fathom X , Network switch]
I have to manual install Companion because My raspberry Pi 3B+ can not boots “ardusub-raspbian”.

From GitHub - bluerobotics/companion: Companion computer startup scripts and examples

  1. What the step to run scripts file for install/prepare companion computer.
  2. After install/prepare companion finish. What the scripts file that I have to run on companion computer for connect Pixhawk and Surface Computer to operation my ardusub system.

Thank you.


We do not support the Raspberry Pi 3B+.
Meanwhile we are still working to support the new boards and the install script to developers to install companion from the source code.

There is a WIP version of the install script here: update installation scripts by jaxxzer · Pull Request #284 · bluerobotics/companion · GitHub

You can check the development status for Raspberry 3B+ here:

And about the install script status here:


Hi Patrick and thank you for your advice.

I can install companion computer and already to connected for all equipment. ( Control Pixhawk from QGC and streaming VDO on QGC from RPi with usb camera H.264)
Connection Diagram : Pixhawk & RPi with USB / camera & RPi with / RPi & Surface computer with UDP (LAN direct connect)

So, I have some problem about streaming VDO.

  1. when on QGC and RPi , the VDO was show on QGC all time by without running and >>> this is normal ??
  2. My streaming VDO was not smooth.
  3. when I start to record stream on QGC , QGC was break down and I have to close QGC only.
    For No.2,3 Maybe the vdo resolution was not suitable for my surface computer >>> How can i reduce the resolution or quality of streaming VDO ?? , or if you have any advice for solve my problem please tell me.

    My computer spec.
  4. I can not capture the picture on QGC .

Thank you.


If you installed companion correctly, all services should run and provide all the necessary functionality, you can check it under and active services.

For the video, you can change the resolution in

Hi Patrick

For Resolution setting , I need to reduce the resolution to 640x480 or 800x600
I tried both and change framerate from 20 to 90 ,but all is error [ Internal data stream error ]
I can only set : 1920x1080 @ framerate : 20-30
Do you have a table for resolution&framerate H264 setting? or some parameter need to change If I need to reduce the resolution ?

Thank you.

Are you using companion master? That has an issue with how the video is streamed. Make sure at the camera that gstreamer is sending the video to the IP address of your QGC instead of broadcasting ( it.

Hi Willian

I am not sure for your question “companion master” and IP address of broadcasting??.
I setup companion (RPi) with script that Mr.Patrick advice. Then connect RPi to the laptop (surface computer) with UDP (LAN direct connect). and fix ip address at RPi = / laptop = .
Setting IP address for script file :
@ mavproxy.param >> --out udpbcast:
@ vidformat.param >> ! udpsink host= port=5600

Hi Bluedog,

Please change the vidformat.param or /camera configuration to 192.168.2.X, your surface computer ip address.

Ok, I change IP on camera config to, this is my IP for my Laptop
and this is the VDO result.

and some time .


Check our troubleshooting guide for Poor video streaming performance.