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Manual Companion RPi Install?

(Jeffrey Chrisope) #1

We would like to use the Simulink/ROS stack available via MathWorks for some controls experiments with our new BlueROV2, and from the Simulink side this is done by using Mathworks’ pre-canned image in the RPi side (some Raspbian version and a ROS Indigo build that works with it). I’d like this to run on the companion RPi, as we are moving towards “cutting the tether”, but I see the standard way of configuring the companion RPi is also via an image.

Is there 1) a reasonably straightforward way of instead installing the correct stuff/configuration on the companion to allow ArduSub to function fully? And 2) what version of Raspbian (or whatever) is the companion stuff meant to target?


Setting up test computer
(Jacob) #2

The installation is not that straightforward. There are a lot, and they take some time.

You can refer to this script (out of date) for some initial dependencies, then you will need to clone our repo, install the submodules, and run npm install, along with the few other things done in this script.

I’ll try to put together an updated install script next week, and it will be as simple as running it.

(Jacob) #3

(Jeffrey Chrisope) #4

Hi Jacob - any update on the setup script update?


(Jacob) #5

Hi Jeff, I’ve not had the chance to address this yet. You will see the issue closed when it is complete.

(Jeffrey Chrisope) #6

Yep, guess I was just being hopeful … we are getting uncomfortably close to a deadline for some controls work we want to do using ROS and MATLAB/Simulink on the BlueROV2 for a capstone class, so things are getting a little tight on our end to connect all the dots.

How far “off” would things be if we just used the existing setup.sh script? What would we be missing?