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Serial port device access denied

Hi everyone,
I need to use an external GPS with serial com,
The serial arrive in the pc tested with serial monitor , I set the com e vaude on qgc and I set the comm links but when I put the button " connect" come out an error Serial device error access denied

You can connect the GPS using qgc general setup page. Go down in the menu until you see the rtk GPS, radio and so on check box. Just below this, you can set the nmea GPS com and baud. Don’t do this in the com link. After doing the modification reboot qgc page. At reboot, an icon should appear on the map an move with the coordinates of the GPS. But this will only show you were the connected GPS is (your boat). It will not send this data to the Rov for navigating.

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Ok I’ll try the signal arrive from beacon and not boat

Ok working it thank you for your support

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Now I had an other error location access failed

And unable to assign to bool on the main toolbar

Hi @Eli,

I’m unfortunately not sure what you’re asking about here. Could you explain a bit more about what you’re trying to do, and the issue that you’re currently stuck on? :slight_smile:

I trying to use an USBL on blu rov, I set the serial and in the map I can see the position of rov, I tried with a nmea simulator also and on the map working, but I need to see the lat and Lon on screen at on video but I had only 0.0000, in the console I saw that error unable to assign to bool on the main toolbar

  1. Which USBL? / Which company makes+sells it?
  2. Does it come with BlueROV2 integration instructions?
  3. What have you done so far to integrate it (for both hardware and software)?
  1. Are you seeing this on the QGroundControl map view, or does your USBL provide its own interface with a map?

I’m not sure what you mean by this.

  1. Which console are you talking about?
  2. Do you know what you were trying to do when it happened?
  3. Which versions of QGroundControl, Companion, and ArduSub are you using?

1 a normaly beacon for navigation i don’t remanber the name
2you just only attached
3 nothing

on qgc map

5 the console inside qgc
6 i attached the serial port to pc
7 the last update stable version

If I’m understanding correctly, you’re saying you attached the USBL directly to the topside computer, which QGC is able able to detect and display on the map, but you want it to also show the latitude/longitude readings on the video overlay?

The latitude and longitude readings are for the vehicle position. If a GPS sensor is connected directly to QGC then it assumes they’re the position of the topside computer, so it can show that on the map but it won’t show vehicle latitude/longitude values because it doesn’t know what they are. If you’re trying to connect a serial GPS device in the ROV then you likely need to use the GPS port on the Pixhawk, or a USB port and appropriate Routing in Companion.

Once again, without knowing the type of sensor you’re using it’s difficult to provide meaningful help. If you’re using a Water Linked underwater GPS then there’s already a bunch of integration in Companion that should make the setup quite simple. If you’re using something else then the information above may apply.