ROV Special Mode

We want the rov standing straight in standard conditions to be inclined at an angle of 20 degrees, looking up from the front. Can you suggest which resources should I review for this?


Hi @cebraildgr_00, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Assuming you have an ROV with pitch control, ArduSub’s depth hold and stabilize flight modes can be used to maintain a commanded pitch angle.

If you’re controlling your vehicle with a joystick then you’ll need to

  1. arm vehicle
  2. set desired flight mode
  3. use the roll-pitch-toggle joystick button functionality (to switch to roll/pitch control)
  4. use the joystick to set the desired pitch angle
  5. use the roll-pitch-toggle again (to return to normal forward/lateral control)
  6. control as normal

If you’re doing programmatic control then you’ll need to

  1. arm the vehicle
  2. set desired flight mode
  3. set attitude target
  4. control other motion components as normal

Hi Eliot,

Should we change that line?

roll_angle = pitch_angle = 0

Imagine that we change it to 20 and it works. How can we make it 0 while we are using ROV?


You can change the roll and pitch angle targets if you want to, but they will only work if you’re in a flight mode that includes a control system and using a vehicle that supports them. They are both zero by default, unless explicitly changed by the operator (using a command, or using the joystick while roll-pitch mode is toggled on).

Is there any special version of Ardusub for that code? I tried with 3.5.4 but it did not work at all.

And I had to add an udpout to mavproxy for the connection.

should I change the version of ardusub?

I’m not certain - I’d recommend starting from the latest stable version (4.1.0).