Different input for the thrusters

Is it possible to have different servo values for all the thrusters? Basically what we want to do is to grab something with the grasper of the ROV which is causing the ROV to tilt forward. If we are able to have different inputs then we can use the imu to identify that the ROV is tilting forward and increase the front thruster servo value to prevent this problem.


Have you already tried the “Stablize” Mode?


Nevermind, I didn’t realize that the rov does not have seperate thrusters for the front and the back so what I wanted to do is not possible.

Btw, is the code used for the ‘stabilize’ mode and ‘depth hold mode’ accessible to the user? I wanted to see exactly how it is implemented


The BlueROV2 runs ArduSub, an open-source solution for remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs) and autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs). ArduSub is a part of the ArduPilot project, and was originally derived from the ArduCopter code. You can check more about it here.
The source code of the project is in GitHub.

You can check our last release for ardusub stabilize mode code here:

And depth hold here: