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Controller calibration

Hi there,
I’m just configuring my brandnew BlueROV2 and have a question about the controller: After calibrating the joystick I’m wondering that it seems that the thrusters come to full power by tilting the joystick only half the way forward, backward etc. It makes driving the ROV very tricky because only a few milimeters tilting range allows controlling the thrusters between full and no power. Is there a further possibility to adjust the joysticks than the calibration tool?

Another question: Is it possible to change the default path of the video recordings?

Thanks an best regards from the Baltic Sea

You can change the ‘input gain’ on the joystick by pushing the gain_inc and gain_dec buttons on the joystick (up and down arrow buttons by default).

The file save path can be found in General Settings (click the purple ‘Q’ icon) -> Miscellaneous.


Hi Jacob,
thank you for reply, that works for now. But is there a way to reduce the sensibility of the joystick? The gain-buttons have no effect on that half of the joystick tilt range the thrusters are running on full speed (or half speed, depending on the gain-buttons)?

Best regards

What joystick are you using? Can you make a video demonstrating the problem? (video the QGC joystick screen and joystick in your hand, pick up the thrusters in audio)


Hi Jacob,
sorry for my late answer, I was out of order the last days. I did my third dive today and with the gain control buttons controlling of the ROV is OK. If I have some more time, I try to make a video of the problem but it’s OK for a start.

Best regards

Interested in this also. Rov is to responsive even at 25% gain… when I thrust forward the rov wants to ascend. Is ther ea further option to make the movements more subtle for stability?

The ROV pitches when moving forward due to some hydrodynamic effects.

Some things that can improve stability:

  1. Reduce the gain below 25% (see JS_GAIN_MIN parameter)
  2. Activate roll angle control (see ATC_ANG_RLL_P parameter)
  3. Add two additional thrusters to the ROV to give it pitch control, then it can stay completely level.

Thank you jacob. Have only just purchased the rov and testing it out for SAR purposes. definitely need to upgrade the camera on the model. …other than that a great piece of kit

What camera are you using, and what are your issues with it?

the rov came with the basic raspberry PI camera. Works nice in a pool. 2 out door tests recently in clean dark water with 2 lights @ 100% showed less then one foot of detail. very dark and very easy to miss a target. Would not be suitable quality for SAR operation. I have purchased the low light camera.