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Adjusting thrust lower than 25%

(Michael) #1

Hello Everyone,

We are typically using the Blue ROV we have for away trips where we need to fly to a location (taking this ROV compared to our standard ROV saves the client additional freight charges).

We have been completing some tank inspections and in these situations, even at 25% the trusters are very twitchy. We are using a standard Logitech gaming controller which seems to be fine, however it would be nice if we could drop the power output for the thrusters to less than 25%. This would allow us to have more control and smoother operation in zero current water.

Is this easy to do? Has anyone done this before? Probably the opposite request from most people who would be after more power… I find that the slower and smoother you can fly the Rov when conducting inspections, the better the quality of the video and still imagery that we can produce for the client.

Any ideas?


(Dietmar Pichler) #2

check this link - there is a parameter which allows you to change the steps of gain control:


(Michael) #3

Thanks Mate - I funnily enough just found it as well so have adjusted the steps to 10 - so the gain ranges from 10% - 100% now. Seems to work out of the water (when cycling through the increased gain options), so hopefully gives a little more stability and control in the water.


(Dale) #4

The default steps are a bit too limited I’m thinking. Being able to step quickly down to 10% is really useful for close in, limited visibility work. The flip side is having access to the values to customise a mission control profile.

(Heinz) #5

Thanks I was asking for this a year ago.

(Kevin) #6

Just a note from our testing, the R3 Basic ESCs work way better at lower gain settings than the R1 and R2 ESCs. I’d also recommend driving your ROV in at least “Stabilize” mode rather than “Manual”. Let the onboard autopilot do its job and keep you straight.