Velocity of the BlueROV

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We were wondering if there is any information about the possible maximum speed of the BlueROV for different gains. In an experiment we did there could not be seen a difference between the gain of 75% and the gain of 100%.

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I’ve never been able to measure speeds much more than 0.5 m/s at standard 4S voltages. Are you running yours off of a battery? Are the horizontals at a 45 or 30 degree angle? You can get more forward or strafe speed using the 30 degree angle…

If your battery is old or not rated for the incredibly high discharge current required, you may not notice a speed difference because the total output power is limited to how much the ROV can draw.

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and here is another question:
Does 25% gain also correspond to 25% of the maximum speed?
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Hi @KillerRoberto,

Gain is treated as a scaling factor of the pilot inputs. In manual mode the pilot inputs are converted reasonably directly into PWM commands that are sent to the thruster ESCs. In the plots in the Technical Details section of our T200 product page you’ll find that the thrust vs ESC input PWM signal relationship is not entirely linear, so 25% gain does not correspond to an exact 25% limit on the maximum vehicle speed.

Note also that gain is specifically pilot gain, and applies only to the operator’s inputs. When in a stabilised / auto mode if the vehicle is not achieving the target motion(s) the autopilot’s corrections can result in thruster commands beyond what manual mode would be limited to.