Function of gain

I will turn on the function of gain. When the operation is as long as the percentage is reduced, the vertical thruster will rotate by itself. Is this interference? My control rocker has been changed and replaced with a flying joystick. This is related to this problem. Is it possible to solve this problem in QGC? Thank you.

I do not understand your question.

The gain will only scale the inputs by some percentage.

A flying joystick is not supported, the switch operation is fundamentally different from a momentary button.

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I originally only wanted to try the flying joystick. Later, the connection was very smooth. Then all the joysticks and button settings are feasible, including the lens up and down. The lighting adjustment is fine. Only when using the gain_dec, the vertical thruster will appear. I later found out that the neutral point was changed. When I used gain_dec once, this is 75% of the power output, the vertical thruster turns itself, then I push the throttle lever up a little, about 20 of the total stroke. % can stop the vertical propeller that rotates by itself, but when the power output drops to 25%, it can’t stop the vertical propeller from rotating because the throttle stick is pushed to the end. In the other case, I don’t stop the vertical propulsion. Rotate, continue to use gaun_dec, every time you drop, you will find. Vertical thruster acceleration