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ROS and BlueROV

We are trying to control the Blue Rov using using ROS and pixhawk. I want to know where should we start because i dont know how we can make this autonomous using RPI and ROS. Please suggest some material links, github library.

Hi @pix001,

I would recommend to:

  1. Follow the entire ROS Tutorial. ROS is pretty big and there is some concepts that you need to learn before using it.
  2. Check our forum to learn more about use cases and options available.
  3. Test the mavros package.
  4. Try bluerov2 playground, it may help you.

And of course, if you have not familiar with the BlueROV2, it’s highly recommended to read more about it in https://ardusub.com.

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How we can control the robot using ROS i am trying to find stuff on that but cannot find anything

Hi @pix001,

You can do it via mavlink, check ardusub website in my previous answer.
There is also mavros, a ROS package for mavlink, but you can write your own bridge if you want.

Did you take a look in all links from my previous answer ? As I said before, ROS is huge, not easy to understand and to deal with, please follow ROS tutorials and check the mavros examples.