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Getting started with ROS


I have just started working with the BLUEROV2. I have used Ros before for another project but have forgotten about the initial steps of setting up ros. Can somebody please briefly explain the steps to get ros set up using Qgroundcontrol?

(Kaos) #2

Type in ros on the search bar in this forum and you will find a few links about it.
Hope this helps

(Patrick José Pereira) #3

What do you mean about setup ROS with QGroundControl ? Do you want to use mavros with ROS while running QGC ?


I’m sorry if I’m not clear. I just want to use ros to be able to use python scripts that take the sensor data from and send commands to the ROV. But I’m not sure where to start, as in how to install ros on the ROV. I’m just a beginner so this might be something really basic but I couldn’t find anything online that explained the setup

(Patrick José Pereira) #5


You really need ROS or you can use just python ?
If you just want to get data from the sensors and send to the ROV, pyMavlink is the best approach.
We have a pyMavlink documentation with a series of examples.


Sorry again because this might be really basic but once I get to the mavlink console in QGC, i’m not sure how to install pyMavlink and run the example scripts provided. I have a windows computer.

(Patrick José Pereira) #7

To install python in your computer, take a look in the python and pip websites for windows installation.

Python-dev package installation