BlueOS with ROS2

I am working on an AUV project programmed with ROS2 and for the first tests we bought a BLUEROV2 v4.
On the PC I installed ROS2 (humble) and mavros (to convert mavlink messages to ROS2).
I receive all the data from the BlueRov but when I post on topics like “/mavros/rc/overideRCin” or “/mavros/setpoint_attitude/cmd_vel” to turn on the lights or thrusters nothing happens on the BlueROV.
On the other hand I managed to arm the vehicle with mavros with the “mavros/cmd/arming” service.
Can someone help me to control my BlueROV by posting on a mavros2 topic or by using a mavros2 service?
Thanks a lot.
Morgann Le Bot