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I have also been dealing with lagged camera feedback. During my research, I came across this page and had been attempting to understand what means. I went to blueOS page and under the camera, I changed the settings as shown on the attached screenshot. Result, there was no camera feedback from QGC.

“” was mentioned under the troubleshooting page as well. where they suggested deleting “–intra 1”, resetting the camera, and updating companion software at “”. I am totally lost where I should look for those to resolve the issue.

Any help is appreciated.
Thank you.

Hi @sajjadbsharif,

I believe the only wrong thing in your setup is the address used for UDP. It is confusing, but in short:

  • On normal setups, the vehicle IP is, and the top-side computer (the one running QGC) would be
  • The UDP address you are using udp:// means that the vehicle ( is sending the UDP stream to at port 2770 – it is sending the UDP stream to itself, which is not very useful.
  • If on a normal setup, the IP to use should be, and the port can be anything not already in use. For BlueOS we recommend 5600, so the address you should be trying should be udp://

Hope it helps, thanks!

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Hi @sajjadbsharif,

This post you originally responded to is from 5 years ago, and refers to instructions for our old Companion Software (from before BlueOS was created), so understandably some of the proposed troubleshooting actions don’t make sense.

For reference, is/was the location of the main web interface page used in the Companion Software, which is where updates were made from for that software.

In contrast, BlueOS can be updated from the Version Chooser page - it may help to try turning on pirate mode and updating to a recent BlueOS-1.1.0-beta.* version, because there have been some updates to the camera manager that should hopefully reduce lag.

Beyond that, camera settings and video stream configuration in BlueOS are handled on the video stream page shown in your screenshot, but the camera manager is quite different to the one used in the old Companion systems so things like the --intra 1 command-line argument aren’t relevant anymore (and options like the resolution and framerate are handled through the edit (pencil) button for the relevant stream).

I would also recommend running a Network Test, because camera lag could be caused by having poor network capacity, in which case the issue may be with your tether or other communication cables/hardware.

Thank you for the prompt response.

While I understood what network setup and its format, the original problem wasn’t resolved.

Are you using a Raspberry Pi 3? If so, there’s a bug being fixed in which the cameras on rpi3 were freezing/lagging, the fix should be on master soon, so probably on the next beta version (and naturally, on the next stable too). You can track it here.

Because this bug only appears once the user updates to a version between 1.1.0-beta.19 to the current master or 1.1.0-beta.23. If you need to work with your vehicle meanwhile, you can flash a version prior or equal to 1.1.0-beta.18 and the laggy camera shouldn’t be an issue. Note that if the system were upgraded to a version between 1.1.0-beta.19 to the current master or 1.1.0-beta.23, downgrading it won’t solve the issue, the system needs to be reflashed.

If not on a pi3, we’d need more information to work on that, you can upload your full system log here. To download it from the vehicle, follow the clicks shown in the image below:


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Thank you for your wonderful response, and we apologize for the delay in getting back to you. Our team has been preoccupied with personal matters, and we only had our latest meeting yesterday.

Moving on, we successfully ran our ROV using the latest update, version 1.1.0-Beta.27. Unfortunately, there was no improvement in our camera’s performance, since we’re using RPi4. We also tried changing the tether cable, but it didn’t result in any significant improvement in the visual feedback. The screen looks very grainy and lags behind. Nevertheless, we were able to obtain two system logs from different devices, which we’ve sent via email.

Hi @sajjadbsharif , thanks for the logs, I’ve just analyzed them, and unfortunately, it seems that there are no videos, so I still don’t have any clue about what’s happening.

Can you please, set up the vehicle as you intend to use, with the video and all stuff, connect to it through QGC, and then send me the logs again?

Also, can you post a screenshot of the result of the network testing, as @Eliot suggested?

Lastly, but unrelated to your video issue, your log helped us identify a small bug on the Beacon service (link), it’s fixed on master, soon it will be in the next release, so thank you for that!

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It was rejected again. So I’ll only send the system log.

(Attachment system_logs (1).zip is missing)

Hi @sajjadbsharif, thanks for the DM with the logs.

I read them and it seems that your camera is freezing and the Mavlink Camera Manager is restarting every couple of seconds.

I’d like to see your kernel messages. The video below shows the steps to copy it:


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