The Video Stream issue "It looks like there's no video stream accessible from your device's detected IP address (,"


I am facing the following issue and have been trying to find a solution, but haven’t succeeded yet.

  • I’ve been setting up BlueOS with an RPi 4GB model, a commercial USB camera, and Pixhawk, but the BlueOS Video Stream config screen shows the message “It looks like there’s no video stream accessible from your device’s detected IP address (,” and no video appears in QGC.
  • Suspecting a USB camera issue, I checked Mavlink-camera-manager; the USB camera was recognized, and streaming settings via UDP were possible, but no video streamed even after configuration (I used udp:// as the destination).
  • I set up streaming using pirate-mode in the USB camera settings on the Video Stream config screen, but again, no streaming occurred.
  • Occasionally, streaming did happen, and I could see the video on the Video Stream config screen. However, there was a significant time lag, and I couldn’t see the video in QGC. Streaming on the Video Stream config screen also stopped quickly.
  • I’ve tested QGC on Ubuntu, Windows 11, and Windows 10 environments, but haven’t achieved streaming in any.
  • I tested with multiple versions of BlueOS (1.0, 1.1, 1.0.1, etc.), but couldn’t get streaming to work.
  • Suspecting an issue with the RPi, I purchased a new 2GB model and tested it, but still couldn’t get streaming.
  • I updated the RPi firmware using pirate-mode, but this didn’t enable streaming.
  • I also tested with other UVC-compatible cameras, but couldn’t stream.

I’m new to BlueOS (though I’ve built a DIY ROV with Ardusub before). I’d appreciate any guidance if I’m making a basic mistake.
Also, if there are any past topics that could be helpful, please let me know.


what is your video stream configuration looking like?
it should look like this

Yes, I set up that content in Mavlink video manager, but I couldn’t get streaming. The status is running.

When I haven’t set up in Mavklink camera manager, the screen looks like this.

When I set up in Mavlink camera manager, I can get the following screen, but I am unable to obtain Streaming.

In QGC, the Streaming selection screen is missing, and the remaining capacity of the SD card is displayed, so it seems that only Video Streaming is not being obtained.


The camera presents two devices. one of them is able to stream MJPG, and the other H264. Try using the H264 one. QGC may be failing to decode the MJPG stream.

Thank you kindly. I tried to select H264, but it did not appear in the options. Do you know of any solution?

I checked the USB camera I am using and found that it might not support H264. :sweat_smile: I plan to test with a different camera tomorrow.

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