Camera connection lost


While we tested the blueos our camera’s connection went down after 1 min.

Core temp is 46.7 while testing.

How can we solve that?

Hi @ugurdemirezen,

Which BlueOS version was this in? Can you confirm whether this is still happening on the latest beta image (1.1.0-beta.9)?

I found it I will try and will tell you the result.

I connected two cameras but that is the result.

Do I have to do anything on qgc side?


From our Video page docs, the streams should be automatically configured when you turn on the vehicle (assuming the cameras are connected, and you haven’t previously removed the streams). If that doesn’t work as planned you can set up streams via the “add stream” button on the camera(s) you want to stream from, after which it should become available from QGC if you configured the streams using the correct topside IP address.

You generally shouldn’t need to do anything special in QGC to receive a stream, no.

It only appears on the interface for 10-15 seconds. Then it hangs and shuts down. And then in the video section, it seems that the camera connection has been deleted.

I flashed a new sd card the [1.1.0-beta.9].

What should I do?


My main thoughts/queries are:

  1. Are you using QGC 4.2.3?
  2. Is your power supply capable of stably powering your camera setup?
  3. Is your camera sufficiently cool, or could it be overheating?

Two weeks ago, I lost video stream. The camera’s USB cable was pulling tight when the servo was at full tilt and eventually had created a loose connection.