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Lost Connection Issues

(Mark Langille) #1

From the beginning with our BlueROV2 we have had sporadic “lost connection” in QCG, it works most of the time with random loss then reconnects a second later.

Just wondering if this was common or shouldn’t be happening at all and what possible areas to check to resolve?

(Jacob) #2

It shouldn’t be happening at all.

What this means is that QGC has not decoded a HEARTBEAT message from the autopilot for at least 3 seconds (the autopilot sends the message at 1Hz).

So this is an issue with communication between the autopilot and QGC. Things to check would be:

  • Bandwidth test at
  • Tether conductors are well seated/tight in interface boards
  • Interface board has adequate power supply
  • Try switching cables for new ones

Do you have any issues with the video when this happens?

If you can record a telemetry log file where this happens, then send me the log file that might help to narrow the issue.

(Mark Langille) #3

Thanks. I’ll do some testing next week. I wonder perhaps if it is the power to the Fathom-X on surface as driving it off USB.

It does lose video as well.

Tether cables should be fine, been off an on a few times with similar results. It’s been this way since we first built it but been sporadic.