Puzzling communication issue

Hi All
I have a puzzling issue going on when I try to connect my laptop to my BlueROV2. I have things set up to connect wirelessly, and it all works fine when I connect with my other computer. I’ve attached a screenshot here showing what happens with my laptop. It connects up just fine, but only stays connected for a few seconds, then the connection drops. After a few seconds, it’s restored, and the cycle repeats.

You can see the data transfer rate on the wifi connection going up and down in sync with the connection drops/connects. Interestingly, while I was taking this screenshot, QGC remained connected the whole time. This is a windows 10 machine, same as my desktop, which connects just fine and is set up the same way as far as I can tell, and if anything is a faster/better computer than my desktop. Any ideas?

I had a similar issue a few months ago with the quick disconnects/reconnects. Turns out I had a bad USB cable connecting my Pixhawk to my Raspberry Pi 3. Try another Micro-USB cable in there and see if that does anything.

Hi Richard,

This is certainly a strange issue. You said that QGC remained connected, does that mean that just the video drops out during the disconnect period? Or is it both?

Have you checked any firewalls that might be preventing the connection?


Can you give us some details about your wireless configuration, like what router you are using, how you have things connected/powered, and what your network configuration on the router and the computer looks like?

Hi All
I’ll do my best to describe the whole setup. I have a TP-Link WR802N router inside my tether reel. An ethernet cable runs between it and the Fathom-X interface. The router is set up to act as an access point and DHCP server with IP reservations by MAC address for the RPI onboard the vehicle and my computers. This all works fine with my mini-desktop computer, but I get the weird drop/connect cycle with my laptop. I got this laptop somewhat recently (it’s an Acer Switch 12, which I really like) and it generally works great, but I would swear that it’s also responsible for messing up the main router in my house in some way that I haven’t figured out yet. (Whenever I use that laptop, it seems like my router crashes, and it’s a decent one, a TP-Link Archer C7). I’ve turned off everything “extra” on the laptop’s WiFi connection in an attempt to eliminate potential trouble-causing issues, things like IPv6, network discovery, etc., so basically all that’s left is IPv4. There’s not much installed on this laptop, I cleaned off all the bloatware it came with, and I don’t think there’s any malware problem going on. And it works just fine when connected to WiFi networks elsewhere (hotels, airports, cafes, etc.). All in all, it’s pretty baffling!

I did find some more bloatware on my laptop that I hadn’t expunged, and getting rid of it seems to have helped the situation, at least with my home router. Seems like some oh-so-helpful Acer “cloud” stuff was essentially DDOS’ing my own router.