Communication lost very fast

Help! I connected to BR2 with Fathom-X, I once could see videos from BR2, but it showed as communication lost on QGC. I tested the communication from pixhawk to raspberry pi with another SD card, it was connected. A day later, the communication with Fathom-X was ok, too. But, today it doesn’t work again,I am really confused, what on earth is wrong? Save me, please!

why is it sometimes good and sometimes not? Is there anything wrong?

By now, I can receive heartbeat when it is connected for the first time, but it soon changes into communication lost,

Hi @leaf, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

It’s not expected that the communication would work sometimes and then cut out, especially since you mentioned changing the SD card fixed it temporarily, but then it stopped working again. I spoke about this with the software team today and was asked if you’re maybe trying to make multiple connections at the same time (e.g. QGC plus some other program/code that’s trying to connect on the same port).

Are you doing anything special with your setup, or are you just following our standard Software Setup? It may be useful to refer to our troubleshooting steps for when the connection isn’t working, and posting the results of the various steps/suggestions there.

Also, could you specify some more about your setup, in terms of:

  • Computer operating system
  • Companion software version
  • QGroundControl version
  • ArduSub version

That may be helpful in resolving the issue :slight_smile:

Thank you very much. It is right that there are multiple connections at the same time that caused the result, though I did shut down the python program that connect the ROV before try to connect with QGC, ,I have to say the code is so stubborn that I didnot expect it was connected even after I close the software.

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