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Video drops after few minuts

I have some trouble with my usb camera. It currently works fine for 2-5 minutes after which it turns to a gray screen. I have kept it on for quite some time but the stream doesn’t seem to come back online. I have checked and tried the following things.

  • Resizing the image from the companion camera interface re-enables the stream but it will drop again in a few minutes.

  • Opened the stream with VLC in debug mode. Still dropped after a few minutes from the log I concluded that the companion stopped sending frames and the connection timed out.

  • The internet connection is still performing at the same levels as before the drop.

  • The camera is still detected by the companion pi.

I’m kinda at a loss on how to further debug this problem. So any help or suggestions are welcome.

Tomorrow I have acces again to the rover and will post all the technical details of the set-up.

Hi @Wouter,

I would recommend to check your camera USB connection or do some bench test to check if the camera is overheating.
It helps if you have a second camera to test.

Thanks for the suggestions. We have a spare camara on the shelf so I’ll do some bench testing. Think the overheating might be a good thing to further investigate. It was an exceptionally hot day when I encountered the problem.


Temperature can be a huge problem inside the enclosure when exposed to the sun or in a hot environment, this is usually not a problem since the operation environment of the ROV (the underwater temperature) helps to decrease the temperature of the system.
It always help to put a wet towel over your ROV when exposed to directly sunlight, or you can throw it in the water to let it cool :slight_smile: