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HD camera pixelized screen

I have a Low light HD camera that work fine in my ROV - Ardusub setup. After 1 hour use, the screen turn into this:

I also have this screen when I connect the camera directly on my PC. The microphone still work but the image is just this. It is flashing and changing so I think there is still a “movie” going on. Any clue of what can this be? I tried all compression setting. The RPi see it through the etc… setting. Don’t forget, it was working before it suddenly stop. I think it is a camera issu rather than a communication one but I migth be wrong?

thank you

Hi Charles, Looks like a bad ground on the camera or coax. You’ll probably have to open it up and check the connections/solder joints on the camera.

Hi Craig,

I follow you hint and found good connectivity between the usb pin and the camera ground and power pad. Now wether or not this ground reach the camera chip is another thing but I don’t find the complete schematic for the camera board.
I also add a wire to ground the casing of the usb connector just in case. No success with this either. Still a pink screen.


Hi @Charles,

I would agree with you that if it was working but has suddenly stopped providing a reasonable issue then it’s most likely a problem with the camera (or associated electrical connections). To start with I’d suggest you make sure the camera cable is plugged in fully at both ends (USB port and the connector in the camera), and also make sure the wires aren’t damaged (especially the crimped ends in the connector for the camera). It may help to try gently wiggling the camera and USB connectors to see if the camera feed sometimes works, in which case it’s very likely there’s an issue with the cable.

I wouldn’t expect it to make much difference, but it wouldn’t hurt to reset the camera and streaming settings by going to the companion web interface Camera page while your computer is connected to your ROV (camera should also be plugged in to the companion computer as usual). Press the ‘Reset to Defaults’ button at the top left of the ‘Camera Settings’ section, and the ‘Default gstreamer options’ button at the bottom left of the ‘Streaming Settings’ section.

If that doesn’t help or if you determine that your cable or camera are faulty then I’d suggest you contact support@bluerobotics.com and link them to this thread, so you can discuss a potential replacement or refund (or any extra tips they might have for getting it to work again). If you’ve got the order date/order number that would be helpful to include in your email :slight_smile: