HD Raspberry Pi Camera problem

Hello, I am having problems with getting the HD Raspberry Pi Camera that I bought with the advanced package working.

I have tried using different commands that I found in the forum and also tried starting the camera from the raspberry command line but nothing seems to work, I have checked both connections they seem ok.

Any Ideas?

the QGC tutorial camera part says channel 10, try channel 8 if you followed the assembly tutorial ; )

Yes, already tried that

You have propably attached the camera cable (the flat one) incorrectly.
Put it out and make sure that the metal contacts face towards the RPi’s HDMI adapter.
Do NOT count on cable’s colours. Check the metal contacts of the cable.

If it is not the cable, maybe the camera is malfuncioning or dead…

Commands using the raspberry pi camera won’t work if the camera interface is already claimed by another process. Make sure that the raspberry pi is not streaming video by doing:

‘sudo screen -ls’

If you see a screen named ‘video’ in the output of that command, type

‘sudo screen -r video’

Copy and paste the output of that here.

If you don’t have a screen named video, then the camera is probably not installed correctly.


I have double and triple checked the camera connections still no go.

I have attached 3 screenshots when trying the ‘sudo screen -ls’ command and the ‘sudo screen -r video’ then ‘sudo screen -ls’ afterwards

Your second screenshot indicates that the raspberry pi cannot connect to the camera. Can you take a picture of how you have the ribbon cable installed in the camera module and the raspberry pi? Also, make sure that you have the camera plugged into the port that says ‘CAMERA’ on the raspberry pi, next to the hdmi plug. It looks identical to the display port above the SD card.



The cables are in the right way and won’t go any further into the slot.


Hi Mark,

That looks correct. If you’re still having trouble getting it to recognize it could be something with the camera. We’d be happy to try swapping that out for a new one. If you’d like to do that, please shoot me an email at support@bluerobotics.com and we’ll figure that out.