BR2 USB Camera stream dropping out


I have updated to the latest blueOS version and now i got problems with the video stream on the original bluerobotics USB HD camera. It worked fine before i updated to the new BlueOS version…
I have installed a second aft camera from DeepwaterExploration so i can switch between the UDP streams. The DWE camera never drops out like the other camera.
When i power up the system i get both cameras and they work fine.
After i throw the ROV in the water, the main USB camera drops out after a couple of minutes. If i go into the BlueOS in my web browser and into the video streams, i see that the main stream is not showing up anymore.
If i do a restart on the ROV, the stream comes back again. But the same thing happens over and over again.
It seems like its only dropping out when i have the ROV in the water and moving around. It does not drop out if the ROV is standing still on land…

Any tips what i can try?

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Actually did a test now when the ROV was just sitting on the ground and tilted the camera up and down, and did some thrusting at the same time, then the camera stream dropped out again.

Got this message at the same time:

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Hi @Jhans,

Apologies for the slow response on this - you may have already sorted it out via our support email.

My best guesses based on your description are

  • insufficient power to the camera
    → you could try seeing if a powered USB hub works better
  • camera overheating
    → adding some kind of heat sink or small fan could help
  • electrical noise on the signal wires
    → shielding the cable may help, if possible
  • defective camera
    → contact support email (
  • BlueOS camera manager instability/bug
    → update to latest stable (or beta) BlueOS version, in case it’s a fixed issue
    → upload your system logs if the issue persists (so we can try to look into it)

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