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RCIN receiver input

(Evan) #1


Just wondering is it possible to use an RCIN or a RC Receiver with Ardusub?

I see written on the Doc that Ardusub doesn’t support RCIN (like ardurover or copter do), so more of a question of if the code itself is deleted or just disabled. I have looked at the parameters there doesn’t seem to be a tickbox or anything simple.

I am using it in a boat (vectored) configuration, i acknowledge that it is not the optimum setup but it is working great (over sik radio) and has some functions eg stabilised mode that suit my need well. I am not running on waypoints yet,
I see some people have had mixed results with this.

I also like the connection to raspi for extra sensor integration at a later date.

I have been running ardurover until recently which was working well but wanted to try a vectored setup for extra manoeuvrability.

Any help would be great.

(Jacob) #2

The code has been deleted. ArduSub has no concept of RC receivers. I’ve made a feature request in the Ardupilot repository to add support for vectored configuration in ArduRover/ArduBoat.

(Evan) #3

Ok, thanks.

I suspected it was deleted. I was mainly chasing the RCIN as a way of controlling the boat in an offline type situation, RC controller only.

Thanks for posting that request on Github.

Ardurover has made some solid improvements in the last release, a frame type matrix such as ardusub would be great for vectored and custom configurations.

Thanks to you and your team for the great work you guys do, I look forward to the rest of 2018 to see what products Bluerobotics come up with.


Is there any way to get RC control?

Because i would just tether frsky transmitter(need only ground and signal) to buoy and problem solved. I tried it with long cable and it works.

Did old firmware have rc control, if so does anyone have it and can upload ?
And how hard would it be to modify code to get rc, i guess it would be time consuming even for developers ?


Can somebody make custom code with RC control and not joystick because i want to use taranis so i dont need laptop?

If there is some dev with free time who could do this i would appreciate it very much.

(Jacob) #7

There is currently no support for RC control, and I don’t have any intention of adding it. Ardusub is targeted at submersible vehicles, and RF does not penetrate water.