Receiver question

I am new and I am building a custom blur following your indication. I would like to know it is possible to add an FRSKY receiver connected to the SBUS of the Pixahawk as a backup plan in case the Pc will stop working so I can manually control it.
Thnks for the help and for the amazing job.


Hello Francesco,

Ardusub does not support working with receivers. and they are pretty much useless as water is a bad medium for radio waves.

see here:

Thanks for the answer, I was wondering if I can make a buoy on the top surface and add a receiver connected to the pixhawk as a backup plan in case the computer freeze or discharge. If I connect it to the Pixahawk with by the SBUS from the cable will override the Qground control?


A receiver will not work at all with ArduSub. There is no support for it.

If the computer fails, you will have no video to navigate. What is your idea for the backup plan?

thanks for answering me,
well my idea is since the ardusub is connected with the lan, I would do a buoy on top floating with a receiver connected directly to the Pixhawk with the Sbus. I was wondering if in this way by using a normal controller connected with the recriver i can send directly the command to the pixhawk and still make the rov work. off xourse withouth video or any support from the normal ground station. It would be like a totally manually analog device.

It is not something we plan to support.