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Enabling flight modes & position hold

Hi all,

Am trying to enable flight modes, esp position hold - but i see that this is not supported. Has anyone managed to get this sorted out? even if in a special build of the software?

I have a compass/gps that is above surface, but want to run a simple rov frame sub-surface. i would be grateful for any ideas on how best to work this in a dedicated position hold (flight) mode if at all possible.

Many thanks in advance,

Position hold depends on the Autopilot having a “good” gps signal. Try our latest beta (4.1), that supports position hold mode with the Water Linked DVL.

Thanks for that - i’ve loaded on the beta firmware, and will give it a shot. once it has a solid gps fix, i understand that i will be able to select the position hold flight mode - will give it a try.

on another note, has any one managed to connect a taranis tx up to their pixhawk (with Ardusub) using their receiver via sbus?

thanks and cheers


ArduSub does not support RC receivers - at all, they won’t work.

The ‘gps enabled’ modes (position hold, guided, auto) are not stable or supported. They are included for developers, but not much work has been done on them to date, so it does not work very well.

Hi Jacob,

Thanks for your note - yeah, i saw that in the documentation shortly after i posted the query - apologies.

So, i have an application which would greatly benefit from the simple-ROV4 frame configuration with the Ardurover functionality as concerns RC input and GPS.

how hard would it be to inject a specific Ardusub frame config for use in the ArduRover code? is this impossible to do? do you know if it has been done before?

Thanks in advance for your time/comments.

Best regards,


It’s not impossible, I don’t know if it’s been done before.

ArduRover doesn’t have any concept of moving up/down. It expects to be sitting on the ground or water. So you would probably have to change that.

Can you describe what you are trying to accomplish?