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Raspberry Pi3b+

I am wondering, i discovered that its getting harder to buy Raspberry Pi3B of the shelf. I am concern, should my rov have any problems with RsPi3B I would be stuck. From my last check we still do not have a solution to get the RsPi3B+ to work with QGround control and Ardu. Unless a solution has been found of late that I am unaware of. Please advise? Thank you.

Hi @richardo,

The new/upcoming Companion Beta software supports multiple devices (including Raspberry Pi 3B+ and Raspberry Pi 4), and will become the default companion software in the coming months. It’s available for testing and feedback now if you’re interested, and there’s also a post set up for discussion of External Integrations/Extensions if that would be relevant to you :slight_smile:


Hi Eliot,
Thank you very much for the update. This is very good news I must admit for our community. I am looking forward to test the companion Beta software on a RsPI 3B+ soon.

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