New Name: Companion 1.0 -> BlueOS

Hi everyone,

While the original plan was to release this new Companion software as version 1.0 of our Companion software, we’ve realised the expanded functionality and change in intended use-cases makes it worthy of its own name, beyond just “the software that runs on the Companion computer”.

The system has some core functionality, but is fundamentally designed to be modular, and very much intended to be expandable and able to easily install and run third party integrations/extensions. Accordingly, we see it as more of an operating system than an individual program/piece of software, so we’ve chosen the name “BlueOS”, which is how it will be referred to from here on out :smiley:

The computer that it runs on is now just the Onboard Computer, which is a bit more general to allow for future autopilot options ( :wink: ) that require the computer to be there.

It’s worth noting that the containerised nature of BlueOS makes it less tied to the particular computer/hardware it runs on than the previous Companion software, which is why the introduction post describes it as

As discussed in another post: