Raspberry Pi Model 4b support questions and issues

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Friends, I bet we can get the BR addons installed on a model 4 b (unless there is some crazy changes). Has anyone in the community or dev team tried? What was the roadblock?

Issue and code is on github:

The roadblock is the nature in which our image was made. We just keep installing stuff on our standard image, then create a new standard image after our installation is complete.

Everything was done manually and incrementally, as opposed to programmatically.

We are working on an installer script, you can see that on the github issue now. Any further questions or comments should be posted on the github issue.


Thank you Jacob!

where is the link to this project to github

could you tell me the step to install stuff。I want to use a more powerful platform instead of 3b。

The relevant pull request is linked to in the GitHub issue that @nick-wernicke linked to. Note that it isn’t merged into the main repository because it still has some issues/missing functionality (you can read the pull request comments for some details), and hasn’t been thoroughly tested to confirm that everything works as expected.

The BR software team is currently working on a relatively major revamp of companion that should run on RPi4 without missing/broken features, which is expected to be out within a few months.

In the meantime you’re welcome to try running the installer script to run the existing companion software on an RPi4, but be aware it may have some issues.

Companion development has stopped, in favour of BlueOS, which supports Raspberry Pi 4B by default :slight_smile: