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Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+

Can you upload your image raspberry pi to this Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ ?

Hi @saeidjson,

There is an issue (#106) already entered on GitHub for adding support. Our software team is working on other updates and upgrades right now, but it is on the list to get to.

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hi @kklemens
I din’t notice
Is it possible to use raspberry pi b+ ?

Not at the moment, no.

HI – Is there any action on this yet? If not, will there be? If not can you tell us what the issue at least appears to be that prevents Ardusub from booting since the B and B+ have the same processor and are not that different so that maybe we can try to sort it out ourselves? Is the B+ firmware so different from the B? What happens if The Pi Makers stop making the B (which they are understandably sort of calling obsolete now that they have the B+) – I’ve noticed a couple of places like Adafruit already exclusively sell the B+ and have dropped the B. Help!

You may check the progress here: https://github.com/bluerobotics/companion/issues/8 and here: https://github.com/bluerobotics/companion/issues/106.

Is the B+ firmware so different from the B?

I’m not sure what the differences are, this has not been the issue with adding support. It’s a problem with the way the companion software was developed, it is not straightforward to install. Your easiest route may be to update the pi firmware on an existing installation. This is not an option for our own deployment, though.

What happens if The Pi Makers stop making the B

Then adding support for the B+ this will become a priority!

Might be a dumb follow up question, but does a raspberry pi 2 work?

Does ardusub support rasberry pi 3b+?
fast response

The Raspberry Pi 3B is the only supported model at this time.

The 3B+ and any other RPi computer are unsupported.

I have a proplem for relay in pixhawk. I want to switching relay but ı dont control relay .
everything the i made is true. but relay not working. relay connection to auxout 5
(relay1). i wan t to control relay with joystick.help me quickly please.