Remaining Companion Users - Why Not BlueOS?


In case this finds any of you who are still running the old Companion Software on your ROV - are there any particular reasons you haven’t upgraded to BlueOS? :slight_smile:

The first stable release of BlueOS was back in early 2022, and once the majority of Companion’s features (and several new ones) were available we stopped development and active support of the Companion Software. If there’s something holding you back from upgrading, we’d love to know what it is!

  • What’s BlueOS? Haven’t heard of it.
  • I didn’t know it was compatible with my vehicle.
  • It’s too much work to transfer my Companion modifications over to BlueOS.
  • I don’t want to open the electronics enclosure unless absolutely necessary.
  • I don’t need the new BlueOS features or Extensions.
  • Something else (in a comment below)
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