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Rasberry pi 4 on Blue ROV

Just wondering if any one have upgraded to the pi 4.

Possibly this is strong enough to run as a surface computer as well?

I’ve got a couple new pi 4’s on my desk now. I’m also interested in seeing if one can function as a surface computer. I’m going to try to get qgroundcontrol running on Raspbian today and do some testing. I’ll let you know what I find out.


Well, this isn’t going to be simple. The BlueRobotics QGC binary for Linux is distributed as a .appimage file formatted for PC processors. Since the Raspberry Pi has an ARM processor, the Linux version won’t work.

The generic version of QGC does include an Android distribution. Android devices use ARM processors, so it may be possible to get that running on a Raspberry Pi. But I’m not sure how helpful that would be, because I think Blue Robotics publishes a custom version of QGC designed specifically for the BlueROV 2.

Thank you for investigating. I think you are right

What ram would you choose for the companion computer?

Actually we have now ported most of our changes back to the original QGC fork and now we suggest our users to use the original instead.

But Travis is right that there is no ARM binary for that, and you will probably have to build QGC for ARM by yourself (which should be doable).

For the BlueROV the image will not work, as it is based on an older raspbian and lacks support for the newer hardware.

Hi Willian

Are you working on getting the image to work on pi 4?

Things should work smoother on the pi 4 as there are majour improvements?


We don’t have plans right now to update the image, but you can follow the issue here for further updates:

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