Clean install on Raspberry Pi 4b failing

I can see development work is still being done on this project but it seems I may be missing something as I cannot seem to get a cleanly flashed image of BlueOS to boot up on a new RPI4

A few of the failures:

failed to start commit a transient machine-id on disk
failed to start configure bluetooth modems connected by uart
failed to start containerd container runtime
failed to start disk manager

And then things come all the way off the rails as it tries to unmount itself, restart and start again in some emergency mode. Full failure, never loads anything.

Anyone else seeing this behavior? Is the RPI4 not actually supported. I followed all documentation but can’t seem to get any further and would really rather not dig into the codebase. For my use case, it would make more sense to just code a custom gui as I don’t need a lot of the functionality but wanted to play with it.

Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @fatal3rr

The PI4 is actually our main platform right now.
Can you show us some more information on these errors?
Have you tried a clean Raspberry PI OS image to rule out hardware issues?

I genuinely appreciate the response. After scratching my head all night, it turns out it was a partially failing sd card. Swapped the card out for another and it’s all working perfectly. "

I’m sure I’ll have 10000 more questions. Thanks again.