Pi4 Login for BlueOS v1.0.1

Hey guys,

so i recently flashed an sd card with the image of BlueOS version 1.0.1 (latest stable) and tried to login on the device itself via keyboard. I know that a web terminal exists in pirate mode but i prefer working directly on the pi itself (besides, the web terminal isnt loading).

Logins I have tried to far (username/password):
pi /raspberry

(the last 3 were just random guesses)

Unfortunately none of those worked, so if somebody could give me the correct login information, that would be well appreciated.

PS: I already checked the forum but the 4 topics I found are outdated or simply did not work for me.

Hi @QuestGamer7, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

The default Raspberry Pi user and password are currently not changed by BlueOS, so they should be pi and raspberry respectively (as specified in the topic on BlueOS login details that you linked to).

Since you mentioned you’re communicating directly to the Raspberry Pi via a keyboard, the only reasons I can think of that that wouldn’t work are:

  • you’ve changed the username and/or password yourself
  • your keyboard is broken
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Hi @EliotBR ,

first of all thanks for the quick response!

TLDR: you were right, its pi/raspberry (but check your keyboard settings)

Since you confirmed that login/password combination, you got me thinking about other issues like hardware etc. Im from germany, but the default keyboard setting for the pi is US, so the y is actually the z on the keyboard (kezboard). I keep tripping over that, now that I use the correct letter it actually works (lol).

Thanks again for your quick reply!

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Hmm, interesting. That’s not a problem I’d thought about before…

Its actually something I run into every single time when I set up a new raspberry image and havent set one up in a while. The first things I do on a new raspi are always the same

  • open raspi-config and change
    – localization: keyboard layout and sometimes timezone
    – interface: enable ssh (props to u guys btw that ssh is enabled by default on blueOS)

Although helpful, im not sure how you could implement an automated localization. Maybe get that information when the download of the zip/img happens and then go from there somehow? If the pi is not connected to the network, i dont think theres a way to reliably get the localization information

There are a few things like this which we should add (e.g. allowing setting the wifi locale, and changing the default password), but most likely that will be done via the web interface, which won’t help people who want to ignore the web interface and just ssh in directly instead.

I don’t think there’s a feasible way to automatically set the localisation info when an image gets downloaded unless we make a custom SD card flashing program, which seems excessive.

Having these features in the web interface would be nice. But I agree, making your own custom flashing program would be way over the top and add barely any benefits.

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