Login to BlueOS on the RPI4

Hi, I received and are now trying to set up RPI4 with the latest BluOS.
What is the login credentials to get the BlueOS started?


Hi @pob747,

If BlueOS is installed you should be able to access it via the terminal page on the web interface. If you’d prefer to ssh in to the Raspberry Pi instead you can use the pi user (which currently still has the default raspberry password).

Thanks for your quick reply.
I am a total beginner so i am probably asking stupid questions.
How do I access the web interface?


There are instructions in the Network Configuration docs. Assuming you’ve already set up the IP and plugged in the tether connection you should be able to go to either http://blueos.local or :slight_smile:

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After I flash Blueos to SD card and try to power it on Raspberry 4 B, an account id and password are needed to login to system. is this correct? or what is login id and passwd? Thanks for answering

Hi @milkman, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I’ve moved your post here because it’s on the same topic. You can see my response above :slight_smile: