BlueOS install, i need help

Hello everyone, everything good? I really need your help, I have doubts about installing BlueOS on raspberry pi 4b. I tried to install it according to a bluerobotics guide, but when I start the raspberry pi 4b, after running some codes, a login and password are requested. I searched and found that by default this login and password are respectively “pi” and “raspberrypi”. I type the login and hit enter, when I try to type the password I can’t, because I click on the keyboard and the typing doesn’t appear on the line, only when I press enter I can type the password, but I don’t have time to finish typing, and then it appears ‘wrong password’. I would like your help with a detailed step by step on installing the software, in every way possible.

Hi @luizfelipecandido, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

The default password is raspberry, not raspberrypi, but you also generally shouldn’t need to use the password because if you need terminal access you can use the web terminal (when in Pirate Mode)

after your tip, I managed to login, however, even with the login done, it does not proceed to the home screen, it is only on the screen where the lines of code are. how to solve this?Processing: IMG_20220924_122341.jpg…

BlueOS is a headless Raspberry Pi image (there is no visual interface over HDMI or VNC). It’s intended for use on vehicles that generally don’t have a screen to interact with directly, so instead its visual configuration interface is available over IP (internet protocol) via a web browser on a separate computer (or phone/tablet) with an ethernet (or shared wifi) connection to the Raspberry Pi running BlueOS.

Some functionalities are only available when the computer that’s interfacing with BlueOS is configured with a static IP address of

thank you, you solved my problem!!

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