Password Raspberry Pi 3b image

Hello everyone,

We just bought a Raspberry Pi 3B and followed the tutorial here to install the companion software. But when we plugged the micro sd card in the Pi and hooked up a monitor, it asked us for a login and password. Now we searched online and tried the following login and passwords: pi and companion, pi and raspberry. But these don’t seem to work because it gives back “login incorrect”. We haven’t yet hooked up the Raspberry Pi to the laptop via ethernet, could this be the reason? Thanks in advance!

Nevermind, it is already fixed. The issue was that I live in Europe and use a AZERTY-keyboard.

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Hi @MartinFaak,

I’m glad you managed to resolve your issue :slight_smile:

Note that our old Companion software is no longer being maintained or supported, and we recommend using BlueOS instead.