How to access new blueOS via ssh?


I just installed the new blueOS, I want to access the raspberry via ssh, what is the username and password? I didn’t find it :slight_smile:

The old combination from companion doesn’t seem to work.

Hi @rezenders,

The user is still pi, but the password is the default raspberry now. The IP depends on how you’re connecting - e.g. ssh pi@blueos.local if you have MDNS, or ssh pi@ without it.

That said, we’d generally recommend using the web terminal instead. It starts out in a tmux session in the core docker image, but you can escape docker to enter the pi with the red-pill command, in which case you don’t need to use ssh or manually authenticate at all :slight_smile:

I’m trying to get some docs out for the individual pages but they’re being reviewed over the next couple of days. You can access the web terminal from “Tools/Terminal” in the sidebar when Pirate mode is turned on.

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What is the default password? Was testing it out and tried pi and companion but that did not work.

Hi @kallah, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

As mentioned above,

Sorry, I am blind!